The latest series of paintings have all been shown under the title of ‘Lines of Desire’. This term concerns the human need to subconsciously follow physical/imaginative lines of direction, perception and necessity.     …  purely channeled at a guttural level, following the easiest or natural path –  …..   ….   These paintings offer the same choices.

All the paintings are concerned with process the build up and removal of paint, the ‘act of removal’ – either by rubbing or scratching away is known as ‘Grattage’.

Once the initial ground of the picture has been build up through differing mediums   it is through this process that the painting takes it’s shape/form.




‘Blue noise’, mixed media on canvas, 100cms x 80cms,




‘Green Noise’, mixed media on canvas, 40cms x 20cms


Red, 100cms x 70cms 2008


‘Red Noise’, mixed media on canvas, 100cms x 80cms,